by Thurman C. Petty, Jr.

     A Miracle of Peace

     Beware of Gibeonites Seeking Favors

     Confessions of a Pornoholic

     Controlled by the Spirit

     Do We Fear Some Spiritual Gifts?

     Family: It's One of Satan's Prime Targets

     File Not Found

     God's Will Be Done

     Hatteras―Cape of Peril

     How to Endure to the End

     How to Study the Bible

     Jonathan: Loyal Son

     Making Love on Sabbath

     Meteor Shower of 1833

     More Than Taking a Bath

     My Personal Testimony

     Of Telescopes and Eternity

     On Hearing of the Death of a Friend

     Picture Puzzles

     Pitcairn—The Beginning of Missions

     Remember Rahab!

     Renewing of the Mind

     Something to Prove

     Sometimes God Does a Better Job . . . Without Us   

     Star Trek: Voyage to Hopelessness

     The Eternal Wounds of Jesus

     The Good Shepherd

     The Latter Rain

     The Long Journey

     The Ultimate Father

     Three Questions About the Existence of Man


     Was Peter the Rock?

     Were It Not for the Cross

     What Are the Odds of Winning God's Lottery?

     What Does the Bible Say About Speaking in Tongues?

     What Should Be Our Position When We Pray?

        Wherein Shall We Return?

     Who's the Boss?

     Who is God?



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