The Circle of Light

       by Barbara Starrett

              Contributing Editor,
                  Thurman C. Petty, Jr.




Prologue: Circle of Light

Navaholand: Poem by Barbara Starrett

Chapter 1: A Death Sentence . . . And Deliverance

Chapter 2: Opening Doors

Chapter 3: A Lonely Empty Country

Chapter 4: Reunited

Chapter 5: Winter Brings Sickness

Chapter 6: The First Bible Student

Chapter 7: First Convert Baptized

Chapter 8: Joy and Sorrow

Chapter 9: Sickness Takes Its Toll

Chapter 10: Changes At the Mission

Chapter 11: The Accident

Chapter 12: Doors are Opened

Chapter 13: New Occupants

Chapter 14: Resources for the Mission

Chapter 15: School Finally Opens

Chapter 16: Pioneer Days at LaVida—Barbara’s Story

Chapter 17: Pioneering Adventures

Chapter 18: Experiences of LaVida’s Graduates

Chapter 19: Experiences of Mission Workers