The Highest Form of Worship

52 Offertories

to Help God's People Form

a Vital Relationship with Him

by Thurman C. Petty, Jr.



Offering Readings

1. Work for God with a Trusting Spirit

2. Bring No More Money!

3. A Perfect Offering

4. Walking for AIDS Awareness

5. Circle in the Sand

6. Partnership with God and Angels

7. The Stones will Cry Out

8. Freely Give

9. Providing for Our Church Family

10. I Have Two Cars; You Have None

11. Disaster and Famine Relief

12. For Our Sakes Jesus Became Poor

13. The Miracle in Hospital Intensive Care

14. Sharing Teaches Us to Be Unselfish

15. Faithfulness in the Little Things

16. What Is Your Temperature?

17. Helicopter Training and Motivation

18. The Sacrifice of God

19. God Holds Us Accountable

20. How Do We Say "I Love You" to God?

21. "He's Fallen Down! He Needs Help!"

22. An Offering of Souls

23. If You Knew Him Like I Know Him

24. "Please Send Me Parents!"

25. Caring for the Poor

26. Carry Each Other's Burdens

27. God's Locusts and God's Pastures

28. Saved by Three Angels

29. Children--A Trust from God

30. "I'll Give You Some of Mine"

31. Jesus, the Creator

32. "God Loves You"

33. The Fire That Wouldn't Burn

34. Sophie's Angel

35. Angel's Watching Over Me

36. Saved by . . . the Czar

37. On Supporting the Church

38. Shaping the Past

39. Money and Life

40. Tithe, Taxes, and Ownership

41. Thank God for Everything

42. In Everything Bring Glory to God

43. ". . . and You're Feeding That to Me!"

44. Don't Give Up

45. Trust Or Selfishness

46. A Hospital Bill . . . Forgiven

47. Giving Out of Love

48. To Stand Alone, Or Serve in a Team

49. A Tenth of All Our Increase

50. Out of the Storm

51. We've Given You . . . Your's

52. "I'm Alive"


1998 Thurman C. Petty, Jr.
This book is copyrighted and may not be reproduced
in whole or in part without the written consent of the author.