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A Better Way to Live--Dayly devotional presented by It Is Written's Shaun Boonstra. (click link) —Over 300 answers to Bible questions online, 24/7; individual questions answered.—Several Bible study series: available in dozens of languages. —Sales and sample chapters of books and papers by Sameule Bacchiocchi—including From Sabbath to Sunday, which traces the beginning of Sunday observance in the early centuries of the church. —Over 2200 books, brochures, and other resources created to provide individuals and various departments of the church with information and practical instructional materials. My book I've Seen Miracles, can be purchased on this site. In addition, AdventSource caries my series of eleven brochures on stewardship. (These are not posted to this site.)

Friends of Pitcairn―Chat room. The chairman is Herbert Ford.

Pitcairn Island Study GroupOriginally for collectors of Pitcairn stamps, this group has collected memorabilia from the island in a museum, some of which are shown on the site.

Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) a 24/7 satellite Christian television network that spans the entire globe. Up-linked from West Frankfort, IL, 3ABN can be viewed over several major satellites, over more than 100 owned and operated ground stations, cable networks, etc. Most major cultures can receive the signal in their own language, including Spanish, Russian, French, German, and numerous others. Also has satellite Christian radio.

ASIA network of hundreds of Christian businesses who seek to present Christ to others in the workplace.

Maranatha Volunteers InternationalCoordinates volunteers from all over the world to build churches and Christian facilities wherever needed. Their plan is to build 1000 churches in 1000 daysending in the summer of 2005.

The Quiet Hour began as an inspirational radiobroadcast and has grown through the years to include television, and on-site evangelism in almost every nation on earth.

The King's HeraldsA gospel quartet that tours the world giving Christ-centered concerts, and public evangelism.

Lost and Found Books. A source for used books published by SDA houses.

Lifestyle Center of America A live-in facility specializing in helping people create more healthy lifestyles. Especially important for those who have health problems in the areas of heart, weight, diabetes, etc.

Geoscience Research Institute specializes in information dealing with evidences of creation.

Official web site of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The complete published writings of Ellen G. White.

Hope for the Family. A couple who specialize in helping families live happier lives.

Bible Studies on Daniel and Revelation:

Seventh-day Adventists Believe28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church