[Letter from Andrew Young four months after we left the island. I have attempted to be true to his spelling, punctuation, etc. It was written July 5, 1984. Pitcairners use the European dating method of listing the day before the month.]

Pitcairn Island, 5.7.84

Dear Pastor & Family,--

Your much surprise letter dated 8.5.84 was received 12.6.84. Just 4 days over a month. quick. It looks like that will be our supply ship. that's our last supply ship in June, and probably that will be our next, will be in October. by the way things are working or rather looking. October will be a big months for Pitcairn I wonder what it will be, 1st. 30 people from Norfolk Island are coming in Oct. date not known yet. they want to know if they will have to bring sleeping bags with them? The Chilian training ship will be here in October: Esmaralda They will be staying ashore one night. one of Mary Crawlys Yacht will be here in October. I wonder what will be, whether for good or for evil.

I have (?) Heard Pastor [Bull] say when he just came, there is lots of Christian here. not very long ago we were talking on selfishness. he said there is plenty of Christian by name. I told him Old Pitcairn is gone. young people take over now. We have no praying people now. not even at meal time. Very few people do it now. I remember when I just marry. I slip my right knee cap. when they took me out the [ship] Rushine to see the Doctor he told my father I slip the cap and he have set it back. in 14 days I'll by alright[.] he mean I'll die 14 days[.] that leg up my knee was all black. they sent down tedside to get the men home. Herbert was standing by my bed with his pen knife in his hand. Parkin on my bed with a bed sheet roll around my hip like a bandage pulling it tight as he could. my father on the floor holding my legs. Aunt Alice Butter, Gussie on the floor praying[.] Herbert then stig his knife in my knee inside nothing comes out. in again deeper. frossy blood came, the put poltus on. four days later something on the other side of my knee. pussy juice came in they put poultus on to draw bad stuff, out finally it began to change colour. When the ship came back from N.Z. I began to walk[.] they took me out to see the Dr. again. I was standing outside the pursers Office[.] he asked my father how long that man live after we liff. He told him he is standing outside your office. Well we all thought he will die. All that is in answer to Prayer. none of that on Pitcairn now.

I surpose you have heard through Hams about our deaths in the last two months. Christie 14th May; Albert 23rd June. John 28th June. something unusual for Pitcairn[.] generally use to be in a year. I wonder if it's a warning for us to be prepare for Jesus coming. In my Bible lesson from Pastor Richard Jr. his coming is very near everything point to it. I want to be ready. . . .

Please excuse my writing I'm finding it difficult to hold my pen. my Arthritis in my risk is painful. find it hard to lift anything.

Hope you all are keeping well.

Yours Andrew.