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Pitcairn Island

Where Mutiny Grew Into Harmony

by Thurman & Martha Petty

The stories and information contained on these pages are based on our experiences during 1982-1984. They are as true to fact as we can remember from documents written and collected during our two-year term of service on the island. Although life on Pitcairn is still much the same today, conditions do change. For that reason these stories and articles should be viewed more as a historical record than as a description of life on the island today.

                                       Thurman and Martha Petty



Stories from Pitcairn Island: Full Text of the Original Book

Only Two Square Miles! An Intimate View of Pitcairn Island


Journal Jottings:

The Pitcairn Experience: A Journey of Joy and Discovery



Andrew Young: July 5, 1984


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