Fascinating Stuff About Pitcairn


The moon is "upside down" to those who come from the northern hemisphere.

At public social affairs it is acceptable for each person to do whatever he/she wants to do. This might be talking, eating (with or without the others), sleeping, reading a book, listening to music, or working on crafts.

At nearly every public gathering (excepting church services), several women can be seen weaving baskets. This in no way takes their attention away from the activity which is taking place at the moment.

►The Essi Gina, gave a party for the children and they all stuffed themselves with ice cream. 2/9/83

Steve cut his knee with a chainsaw, but fortunately it was only a flesh wound. He gave Martha instructions about how to stitch a wound, as he'd had training in suturing and Martha had not.

Mosquito bites itch only a few minutes and seldom leave welts. Wasp and bee stings last only about 5-10 minutes; they cause acute pain during the first couple of minutes but quickly fade . . . and then they are gone.

►The Island Council, decided to run the backup generator each morning two hours a day, five days a week, in order to keep it in running condition. They also decided to cut those Miro trees on Pitcairn that were ready for it, and share them out to all adults, except . . . the "strangers" Allen & Judy Cox, and Martha & me. 3/14/83

A Hurricane passed over Henderson Island (125 miles distance) producing heavy clouds, gale-force winds, and stormy seas. 3/17/83

Asthma is probably the most widely spread genetically acquired disease on Pitcairn. It was probably passed down from Edward Young, who died of asthma several years after the Mutiny.

Going to pick bananas is spoken of, in the Pitcainese language, as "goin' fo' plun" 4/13/83

During the past 80 years only twelve people have died of accidents. (Andrew Young 9/14/82)

The first airplane seen over Pitcairn in seven years flew National Geographic photographers David Hiser and Melinda Berg over the island. Forty-one Pitcairners on Ship-Landing Rock watched and photographed the event. 1/14/83

A New Zealand air force C-130 "Hercules" dropped the first true air mail in Pitcairn history. Flying at an altitude of between 50 and 100 ft, the plane released a leather pouch filled with mail, which plummeted to the ground on Aute Valley Rd. In spite of the somewhat violent landing on Pitcairn soil, none of the contents sustained damage. 2/21/83

Pitcairn Island is the first country in the western world to require that children attend school.

Pitcairn is also the first country in the western world to allow women to vote.