Only Two Square Miles!

An Intimate View of Pitcairn Island*

by Thurman C. Petty, Jr.

Rev. William Wyatte Gill "Life in the Southern Isles," c1876

                            Chapter 1    Down to the Sea in . . . Longboats

                            Chapter 2    The Island and It's Worship

                            Chapter 3    Sharing in Work and Activities

                            Chapter 4    The New Boat . . . From Tree to Sea

                            Chapter 5    Pitcairn's Road System

                            Chapter 6    High Seas and the Hemskerkracht

                            Chapter 7    Peculiarly Pitcairn

                            Chapter 8    Around the Dinner Table

                            Chapter 9    Epilogue to "Peril at Pitcairn Island" 

                            Chapter 10  A Little Here and a Little There

                            Chapter 11  The Lay of the Land

                            Chapter 12  Pitcairn Humor (Tee-Hee)―etc.

*Although there is of necessity some duplication of information from Stories from Pitcairn Island, most of the material in this book here for the first time. Even the sections that are similar have had new details incorporated in them.

Warning: This book is subject to enlargement without notice.



2002 Thurman C. Petty, Jr.
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