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Our Relationship with God
Holistic Stewardship


I can define the word "stewardship" in this way: God owns everything because He created it and, through Christ, He redeemed it from Satan's control. We don't own anything. Everything that we have has been put into our hands for our good, our happiness, and our need to help others. In effect we are managers—stewards—of everything within our influence. In short, our stewardship defines our relationship with God.

I wrote the little book Managing God's Business as an exercise in discovery—attempting to look at some of the key aspects of life from the viewpoint of our stewardship relationship with God.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Christians in Russia requested instructional material that would help them understand the principles of stewardship. I had the privilege of working with Charles Griffin and Donald Crane, then associate directors of the stewardship department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, in the preparation of these lessons. We designed a series of three study guides that we called Cycles. Charles Griffen wrote Cycle I, but asked me to edit it for him. At his suggestion I wrote Cycles II and III. We followed these with study guides prepared especially to help new members come to a better understanding of stewardship.


Managing God's Business

Cycle I

Cycle II

Cycle III

New Members Stewardship Study Guides

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