The Temple Gates:
      Josiah and the
         Reformation of Judah*

                                                                  by Thurman C. Petty, Jr.

                                      Table of Contents

                        Chapter 1: The King is Dead! . . . Long live the King!

                        Chapter 2: Blades in the Night

                        Chapter 3: The Coronation

                        Chapter 4: The Trial

                        Chapter 5: The Marriage

                        Chapter 6: Winning The First Round

                        Chapter 7: The Beginning of Reformation

                        Chapter 8: The Scroll

                        Chapter 9: Passover

                        Chapter 10: The Invasion

                        Chapter 11: Cities and Towns

                        Chapter 12: The Temple Gates

                        Chapter 13: The Quiet Invasion

                        Chapter 14: Egyptians Move North

                        Chapter 15: A Vast War Machine

                        Chapter 16: A Deep Sadness


                        *Published by Autumn House Publishing, a division of
                                   Review & Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown, MD 21741-1119

                                                 2007 Thurman C. Petty, Jr.
                                                This book is copyrighted and may not be reproduced
                                                without the consent of the author.